yes or noWhy do you need to know who voted for the New York SAFE gun control Bills this week? This exact article mainly pertains to New York voters, but I plan on providing this information for every state as I collect the info. In America, we, the people, do have power. We are the ones who voted for the people who represent our communities. We count on them to represent our beliefs, our desires. If they do not then, WE have the power to do something about it – during the next election we can vote them OUT of office. Maybe some of the people who voted for these Bills (A 2388 and S 2230) in New York have redeeming qualities.  Maybe compared to the other candidate, this person was truly the best choice.  I hope so, because this Law just created a new normal, and the next time they want to create more gun laws, it will only get worse.  Knowledge is the best way to arm yourself for the fight. 

Read the details of the Bill here.

Here is how the members of the New York Assembly voted on the NY SAFE gun control Bill A 2388 yesterday:

A 2388 Ny Safe Roll Call by jspector

 Here how members of the New York Senate voted on S 2230:

Senate Vote Sheet by Nick Reisman




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