Twerp on Twitter tells me Conservatives should be shot!


People are so brave over the internet.  My first tweet was trying to be funny. I did redact the name of the person who did not think I was funny – I didn’t want to give him more publicity than he deserves.  I am never going to understand why people have to get so angry, why can’t they just debate the issues without personal attacks?   So entertaining.  I am quite fired up too, but would rather find common ground to discuss issues, and education to remove fear.  What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “Twerp on Twitter tells me Conservatives should be shot!

  1. [_]3 … I loved the first tweet … the pen is mightier than the sword. Heels and Handguns way to go … looking for common ground isn’t in the POTUS education … bullying is apparently.

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