Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 6.18.36 AMWe have been following Senator Dianne Feinstein’s planned bill for more than a month. Today, she is going to officially submit the Bill. While I believe it is really the State laws that are going to limit our rights, if they do manage to get this Bill approved to Law, it is going to fundamentally change everything we know about the firearm industry. I am cautiously optimistic that Congress does not have the political will to get this far-reaching Bill through the entire legislative process. ABC News broke out some details that shed light on why this could go our way.

Democrats control 55 out of 100 votes in the Senate, and barring a significant change to the filibuster rule, supporters of the gun control measure would need all of those votes — plus five Republican votes — to pass the bill. That’s a tall order: At least five Senate Democrats have declined to take a position on the presidents proposal, and there is only one Republican in the Senate – Mark Kirk of Illinois – who supports an assault weapons ban. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., indicated recently that he wouldnt even allow a vote on an assault weapons ban, since it would not pass the GOP-led House.

A vote for gun control could be political damaging to Democrats from gun-friendly states, some of whom are up for reelection in 2014. On Tuesday, Reid signaled that he may allow a vote, though he made clear that he did not expect the measure to pass. The Senate Majority Leader, a longtime supporter of gun rights, said he expected the Senate Judiciary Committee to produce a bill after its hearings on gun control, which begin next week.”It may not be everything everyone wants,” he told reporters. “But I hope it has stuff that is really important.” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is the only Republican in the House who has signaled an openness to an assault weapons ban; a handful of other Republicans have said they are open to some gun control measures, though many have pushed a focus on mental health and enforcing existing laws. Feinstein’s bill may be used to give lawmakers from gun-friendly states a measure to oppose before they support the less ambitious bill that comes out of the Judiciary Committee. Read the entire article here.

As compromises are made and politicians declare their positions, we will track every detail here. Following that, rest assured that anyone who votes for this Bill will be shared for your future trip to the polls. The legislative process, when done properly, is not extremely fast. (That is, unless you are New York State and just want to be first, rather than right.) I will keep you up to date with it’s progress.

For the contents of Sen. Feinstein’s Bill, click on this graphic:

Forward this photo to all your friends - get the word out! (Click for easier to read .pdf version)
Forward this photo to all your friends – get the word out! (Click for easier to read .pdf version)



3 Replies to “Today Feinstein Submits Assault Weapon Bill – Here’s why she might not get her way”

    1. She had to get “special permission” to display those weapons in DC. How does that work? Perhaps I can get “special permission” to open carry my rifle in DC.

  1. Many years ago I talked to a “Law Enforcement” person who used to respond to burglar alarms at her home. As we so often found….a door was left unlocked. (right folks are either too stupid or too lazy to actually check all the doors in their home before they set the burglar alarm and leave the home)
    So the LE person checked the home for bad guys.

    And guess what they found?


    They don’t want the peons to have guns, but it’s OK for US Royalty to have guns.

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