Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 6.25.56 AMFrom the Denver Post: For one week each year, a venerable who’s who of the firearms industry flocks to this city in the desert for one of the largest and most influential trade shows of its kind. The annual SHOT Show — which stands for Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show — serves as a platform for companies to introduce hundreds of new weapons, ammunition and related gear to the military, law enforcement and civilian markets.

But this year’s show, which wrapped up Friday, had a particular sense of urgency for local business owners who are wondering whether recent mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown, Conn., will lead Congress or state legislators to strengthen gun laws — and significantly change the way the industry does business. Read more here.

When the assault weapons ban was put in place in 1994, there were eight or 10 manufacturers of AR (assault rifle) components. Well, since that time when the assault weapons ban expired (in 2004), it’s become a huge shooting sport.

~Randy Pennington, owner of Mile High Shooting Accessories

Pennington’s business caters primarily to the law-enforcement market, which would be exempt from such bans. But the businessman said a renewed assault-weapon ban, like the one called for by Obama last week, likely would destroy the business model for many companies.

It’s a big deal, economically. I’m not saying you should sacrifice lives for the sake of the economy, but nobody has yet proven that banning any of these products is going to change what bad, crazy people do.

~Randy Pennington, owner of Mile High Shooting Accessories

One business owner said that such a crackdown would endanger their business models.

That would completely shut down the civilian market for us.  It would be very difficult to continue on.

~Oliver Mazurkiewicz, owner of Iron Ridge Arms Co.

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