Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 4.11.02 PMImagine the day that all anti-gun people in America have been dreaming of, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Bill has been signed. No – let’s go further, it is now so difficult to buy a new gun that few actually get approval, so most people don’t even try anymore. (I am sure all the Congressmen and Wealthy Movie Stars telling you that you do not need these guns will still be able to buy them – money talks.)

In this instance they will have won the battle, the gun control they have vied for so long will be a reality. Let’s be clear, one battle that will continue to range, in spite of strict gun control, is gun violence.  Those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into killing the firearm industry, those who pounded the pavement to get signatures on petitions will find themselves in a place they had not imagined.  Their new position will be weaker than it has ever been, and now, even if they changed their minds – even if they never thought it would go this far, they will not be able to get a gun for themselves.

He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.

~ Jack London from the Call of the Wild

The Pro-gun Americans already own guns, these guns were purchased legally and by all rights are legal to own.  Even though a background check was necessary when the guns were first purchased there is no record of where these guns are now.  No one will be rounding up these guns since NO ONE knows where they are.  The reality is the only people who won’t have a gun are the anti-gun people, consider yourselves a dying breed.  Pray one of the 300 Million guns in the US today never finds its way to a man with bad intentions, who then finds his way to your door.  What will you do?  Call someone with a gun?  Even if you call the Police, how long will it take them to come help you?  Even if you call your neighbor Jimmy (you know he has a gun because his address was published in the paper).  Why would Jimmy come and bring his gun, he knows you were one of the most ardent supporters of the gun ban.

I suppose the most important question is how long will it take for Mr. Bad Intentions to decide what will happen to you?  ­­­­

Why would you choose weakness? Why would you choose to remove your options for protection? If laws were as strong as some wish, these anti-gun people would not be able to get a gun, even if they changed their minds. In the Law of the Jungle, or in a Darwinian thesis – only the strong survive.



4 Replies to “Surviving in an environment where only the strong survive”

  1. To put it simply, I cannot fathom the ‘mentality’ that thinks this will actually work. Criminals don’t and won’t obey laws, hence ONLY the honest will be effected… dammit…

    The only real choice would be a BIG dog…

    1. If there were zero guns I would get a very well trained German Shepherd! I am with you OldNFO – I know they think it is a good idea to get rid of the AR-15 because they are emotional, but it is a slippery slope, and eventually, there could come a reason that they decide they need a gun. Why would they want to completely eliminate the option to get one? I cannot understand that at all.

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