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  1. Here are changes to current bills that update the VCDL Legislation Tracking Tool.

    New bills were just introduced, both bad and good (from restoring the One
    Handgun A Month law to providing CHP holders a faster background check when
    buying a gun). Other items are changing status, such as from STRONGLY
    SUPPORT to NEUTRAL, etc, after the bill has been changed in committee.

    1. Change HB 1391 from STRONGLY SUPPORT to STRONGLY OPPOSE. New
    description: ” in current form bans guns from General Assembly Building,
    except for legislators.”

    2. Change SB 786 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New description:
    “current version requires police to enter stolen gun information into the
    NCIC system.”

    3. Change SB 864 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description:
    “provides that a person subject to an emergency protective order cannot
    physically possess a gun in the home of the alleged victim nor transport a
    gun once served.”

    4. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2251, Delegate Lopez, places severe
    restrictions on the sale, transfer, & possession of magazines that will hold
    more than 20 rounds. The restrictions would not apply to the police or
    military. Possession of such a magazine is only allowed if no lower
    capacity magazine will work in the firearm and possession requires
    registration and a background check. A registrant is limited to three high
    capacity magazines and must otherwise dispose of all magazines in excess of
    that limit.

    5. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2263, Delegate Krupicka, authorizes the
    state to temporarily confiscate the firearms and ammunition of anyone who
    certain medical and other professionals feels has made a threat of suicide
    or other violence. This law would discourage someone from seeking help.

    6. Change SB 1214 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to
    violent felonies”

    7. Change HB 1746 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to
    violent felonies”

    8: New: OPPOSE: HB 2235, Delegate Lingamfelter, increases the penalties
    for using a gun in a crime. This is a “feel good” measure that will not
    make anyone any safer and it, yet again, villainizes guns. What this bill
    says is that the penalty for a crime should be determined by the tool the
    criminal uses. So, if a criminal uses a knife to murder someone, that’s not
    a big deal. But if they use a gun to murder the same person, then we’re
    really going to go after them! Why don’t we go after them equally anytime
    they commit a murder or other violent crime? Dead is dead and murder is
    murder, irrespective of the tool the murderer uses.

    8: Change HB 1415 from NEUTRAL to OPPOSE

    9. New: NEUTRAL: HB 2240, Delegate Cosgrove, shares information on
    protective orders and other gun purchase/possession disqualifications with
    the federal government.

    10. NEW: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2317, Delegate Anderson, allows military
    personnel residing in a nearby state and commuting to a duty post in
    Virginia, to be able to purchase guns in Virginia.

    11. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2327, Delegate Brink, reimplements the old
    “One Handgun a Month” rationing law.

    12: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Marshall, prohibits state
    agencies, local governments, or employees thereof from assisting the federal
    government in any searches, seizures related to firearms, ammunition, or
    magazines. Also any federal attempt to create a private sale background
    check requirement will be treated likewise.

    13: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Lingamfelter, gives CHP
    holders an expedited background check when purchasing a firearm.

    VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
    (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
    dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
    Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

    VCDL web page: http://www.vcdl.org [http://www.vcdl.org/]

    1. Chuck –

      What a great tool, and very good information. Thank you for sharing it. I think that most people are unaware about how much legislation is moving right now. Because of all my virtual interaction with gun loving people, I forget – and then I talk to people at work (military people) and even most of them are very passive on this issue. They are not even going to know what hit them when they finally wake up!


  2. Maryland is about to become a nice shade blue after O’mally gets done…I say they want our guns? We give em the bullets first!

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