The most surprising gift I received for Christmas this year was my Pelican Rifle Carrying Case. It was the Black Model 1750, with foam inserts. I am in the middle of a 6XC custom rifle build, and that rifle is going to be my pride and joy! The way I see it, it is a lot of work doing the research for the parts, and finding the perfect gunsmith who understands what a woman needs in a long-range rifle. Not to mention—accuracy costs money! I am going to need a case worthy of carrying that rifle, and the dear friend who gave it to me, as a gift, fully understood that I needed a treasure box. A rugged, sleek, portable carrying case for my dream rifle—this Pelican long case meets my needs perfectly.

I wrote a review for this tough but beautiful rifle case on  Check out my review and the reviews from the rest of the team here: Pelican Rifle Long Case Review (Model 1750).

Toward the end of that article, you will find out that the Pelican Corporation is only scared of three things, and one of them is Sharks.  If you want to know what could cause more damage than a shark?  Then Click here.



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