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Today in an open letter to the CEO of Remington Arms, Mr. George Kollitides, South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan began openly courting Remington for a move down to South Carolina.

 Following is a Press Release Jeff Duncan’s Website:

Washington, DC—South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan encouraged George Kollitides, the CEO of the parent company for Remington Arms, to consider relocating the company’s New York production facilities to South Carolina in light of New York’s recent decision to adopt the most restrictive gun policies in the country.

In the letter, Congressman Duncan highlights South Carolina’s stellar business climate, pointing out the fact that companies like Boeing, BMW, Michelin, Amazon, Bridgestone, and ZF have all invested heavily and created jobs in the Palmetto State. “But beyond our sterling business environment lie the reasons that sparked this letter – reasons you know better than anyone,” Duncan wrote.

“The enemies of freedom are waging an all-out assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution which we have sworn to protect and defend. At a time when our government is consistently thwarting the ability of individuals to own businesses, voluntarily trade goods and services, and grow our economy, South Carolina is committed to writing a different story. We believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our state welcomes any individual or business who believes the same.”

“It would be an honor to welcome you and America’s oldest gunmaker to the Palmetto state,” wrote Duncan.

In addition to the letter to Mr. Kollitides, Congressman Duncan sent another letter to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley encouraging her to target other companies in the firearms industry to relocate their operations to South Carolina from other states who hold a hostile view of the Second Amendment.

“In South Carolina, we believe in the right to keep and bear arms,” Duncan wrote the Governor. “We need to encourage other businesses who share those beliefs to relocate to the Palmetto State.”

Remington Company
America’s Oldest Gunmaker

Once the New York Assembly passed the sweeping new gun laws, I thought about companies like Remington, and wondered if they would consider relocating to a more gun friendly state.  According to the history of their company on their own website, Remington moved its operations from Ilion Gulch to a site close to the newly constructed Erie Canal in 1828.  The original site is still part of the current footprint of the company, nearly 200 years later.  The tradition and the relationships in this region must run deep – how horrible it would be for such a fine company to relocate due to manufactured legislation.

States like New York and California are going to pass enough laws that one day they have nothing but takers within their borders.  As a burgeoning entrepreneur, I cannot understand why a company would choose to build companies, or maintain their companies in some of these states.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this letter, I doubt that Remington will move.  Still, states like South Carolina that are open and welcoming to businesses are going to win in the end.



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