Go ahead Mr. President, make our day. Your rush to make decisions, without careful consideration and representation by all sides may just prove beneficial to the 2nd Amendment overall. Good luck – after today, you are going to need it. (That is, if you were hoping for a bipartisan Bill to make it’s way through Congress to your desk.)

“The practical reality of the executive order options before President Obama — he is, reportedly considering as many as 19 — is that the vast majority of actions he can take are relatively minor in nature. As the Post’s Wonkblog noted Tuesday: “It’s unlikely that Obama can significantly alter gun laws through executive order.”

Of course, the reality of what Obama can do via executive order and the perception of his using executive privilege to alter (or re-enforce) laws are two very different things. And it’s the perception that Obama has to worry about.

If he does make good on all 19 executive orders (or, really, anything in double digits) Republicans will immediately cry foul, insisting that Obama is trying to run our democracy like a dictatorship.

Democrats may roll their eyes at this tactic but remember that there is a major strain of thinking in the country — among Republicans and even some independents — that the ultimate goal for President Obama is to take away everyone’s guns. (To be clear, the President has never hinted at such a move and, in fact, has made clear he opposes any sort of action like that.)

The President acting alone would stoke those fears and gin up Republicans to keep any sort of larger legislation — like, say, an assault weapons ban — from moving through Congress. It would likely be seen as a poison-the-well moment from which the debate might never recover to a place where bipartisan compromise was possible.”

Read more via How President Obama’s executive orders on guns might doom a big bill.



12 Replies to “President Obama may shoot himself in the foot with 19 Gun Control Executive Orders”

  1. +1 on Shawn’s comment… And he’s hoping his ‘leadership’ will get more states to do what NY did yesterday… THAT is the bigger goal in my mind. And Conn, Ill and MD are falling right in line.

  2. New York is apparently the testing ground for what he wants for this country. It’s a sad day for New Yorkers.. especially with the proposed bill for 2014 (S1422-2013), that is designed to follow yesterdays actions specifically, which will give them the marching path for weapon confiscations, because they will be ‘registered’ through the current law now. If you haven’t seen the bill they have for 2014 yet for New York, look into it.. Weapons AND ammunition. Only a matter of time before that will become the next suggestion for America.


    Love your blog btw.. keep on posting 🙂

    1. I agree with you Asoran. I talked about the NY Law yesterday, and listened to the arguments on the floor prior to the vote. The anti-gun arguments were ridiculous, and in spite of all the stats and facts thrown at them, in spite of the fact one assemblyman said he had received 700 pro gun letters compared to 2 anti-gun letters, they summarily voted and approved the law.

      What happened to our representative government? A person could be liberal and still want to be armed. I am so frustrated at the emotional rush to get these laws in place!

      Thanks for your continued support – glad to talk to you today!

      1. hey 🙂 i agree with you. Seems the ’emotional rush’ is the only thing they feel they can use to pass these laws. Because without it, they don’t pass. That says something to me. “shouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste”. this is new ‘yes we can!’ slogan. Since when is any crisis good? When it furthers a socialist Agenda, at disarming American’s before pursuing whatever else they have up their sleeves over there, I guess.

        Was glad to finally leave a response and talk to you as well. I don’t normally post comments around the web, especially on blogs.. because they all become a battleground with little actual conversation going on. But I have noticed you don’t really have that here, and decided it was time to peek my head in. 🙂

  3. Is obama going after all the gangs and the mini mafias and the cartels in the U.S and tax them and make them get background checks? And there black market supply them with anything they with at any expense.

    1. Hmmmmm….. Funny Harley, but no, I did not see that in even one of those 23 Executive Orders yesterday. Strange…

      Maybe no one told him about all of that violence yet. I am sure he would do something, if only he knew..

  4. This is the problem with Democrats and Libs in general. They can never be honest about what they really want. They have to deceive and misdirect. They don’t call global warming “global warming” anymore, it’s “climate change”. They don’t want to take your guns away they simply want to “make it more difficult for criminals to get guns” when we all know that if they’re being honest, they would wipe the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution and round up every gun they could. I used to be a liberal but I’m not anymore because I simply couldn’t stomach the level of dishonesty that was required to be a member of that club.

  5. Can you imagine having the job to collect those firearms?
    Back when Clinton was in office pushing Gun Control he actually looked at hiring Hong Kong police to collect the firearms as they wouldn’t have a dog in the hunt. I suggested that they bring self addressed, prepostage paid body bags to streamline the process.

    Want to improve shot performance?
    Cast Acrylic Sabots. They turn to dust exiting the barrel leaving the projectile undisturbed.

    Want to improve accuracy?
    Powder that gives a square pressure wave. Or modify the distribution of the powder to better regulate the contact of the flame front from the primer to the propellant.

    Pay attention to detail. Segregate weights of each component 3 decimal places, volumes, cg, and group size will tighten considerably.

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