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Jeff Eckles, who has an awesome wine blog called the Lonely Vine, wrote the most entertaining article about preparing for the impending Apocalypse and shared it with I really read it today, and realized he has found the perfect wine to go with the most common apocalyptic scenarios.

photoI had shared a lovely mulled wine with some friends over the holidays, the warmth, the spices gave me that feeling of home – and yes, of security.  Then I read Jeff’s article, and realized that I had been preparing for some future meteor strike, just by drinking wine that warmed my insides and put color on my cheeks.

Anytime I can mix wine with the business of protecting my family, I am a happier girl!



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  1. This is great! You hit right on why I included the mulled wine option. It’s not just heating the wine up, but the spices, the fruit, etc. all add warmth and comfort too. Thanks for the post, now I am craving a glass…guess I can do a little “prepping” before calling it a night.

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