Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 9.49.12 AMTed Nugent wrote an open letter to Joe Biden regarding his appointment to lead the presidential commission to end gun-related violence, it was published in the Washington Times.

Read the letter here:  NUGENT: Open letter to Joe Biden on guns – Washington Times.

I do hope that all sides have representation, and that those, like Mr. Nugent, who speak for us will have their say.



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  1. Ted’s letter is on the money, but it, like most of ‘our’ comments will be ignored or thrown in the trash… Feinstein and her ilk don’t care about anything but getting their way… I doubt that we will have a seat in the gallery, much less a seat at the table.

    1. I know OldNFO, I was thinking that it is kind of like spitting in the wind of a hurricane. Pretty hopeless. Still – I am normally an optimist, we can’t stop trying to do something!

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