Following the meeting at the White House yesterday, the NRA posted a statement on their website in response.  It seems that VP Joe Biden and his panel have already decided what they are going to do in response to the school shootings. It is my opinion, in line with the NRA, that Biden’s panel is not interested in protecting our children.  He is interested in gaining political capital for himself and his cronies.

If pro-gun control people will not plan for self-defense in their own home, why would anyone think they would do more for our kids at school than they are willing to do for their own families?  Ignore the 300 Million guns already on the streets, don’t give our kids any enhanced security at school,  just keep anymore guns from being sold, then hope really hard nothing else happens. (Well, at least keep one type of gun from being sold, out of the thousands of guns manufactured.)

We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment. While claiming that no policy proposals would be “prejudged,” this Task Force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners – honest, taxpaying, hardworking Americans. ~NRA

I am a student of Dr. Demming’s teachings, he a process improvement expert. He states, when trying to find the root cause of a problem, look at ALL of the data, get ALL the information. Then, find the points that seem to be common to every instance of the problem, and you will be able to make large improvements with less change.  The main thing you should NEVER do is decide on the solution to the problem before you have all the information.  LET THE DATA LEAD YOU THERE.  Jumping to conclusions may or may not have an impact, but since real data analysis was not utilized, there is the likelihood that the wrong solution will be implemented and eventually we will have to do all this again.  That means money spent incorrectly, time wasted, and if there is one thing this country can’t afford to do it is waste money.  It is simply bad business.

Any legislation that comes from this panel will just be like warm milk and a soft blanket, slowly rocking American to sleep.  WAKE UP!

Sadly, if the NRA statement is reality, this is proof that a large number of people are in denial, but also of evolution. We’ve been protecting the cosmically stupid for so long, now there’s as many of them as us.



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  1. Just look up the annual shootings in Barack adopted home town of Chicago. Tightest gun control in the nation. Ya they really care, my foot!

  2. Fred, we all knew it. We just wanted the NRA to come out with a good strong statement acknowledging it. We didn’t want to see another wishy washy ‘can’t we all get along’ statement like they’ve done in the past. This statement is far better than a lot of statements they’ve made before when we have been fighting for the 2nd Amendment.

  3. This all boils down to exactly what my husband and I have been saying all along…let’s deal with the REAL issues here. Just about every massacre that has struck over the past decade has been of some sort of Psychological disorder. Shouldn’t we be doing background checks on Healthcare INSTEAD or ALONG WITH criminal checks??? It sure seems we ae overlooking what is really important here…putting armed rifles in the hands of unstable minds. Kind of like giving an AR to a sugared-up 5 year old and telling them to go balistic! NOT GOOD! Too many people, including parents are tuning the blind eye to the problem instead of dealing with it, communicating it and solving it.

    1. Shannon, you have hit the target with this one! I agree, there has to be some way to check backgrounds for mental issues, but we need to be careful there too – you know the government could take it too far. I also think that mothers who have mentally ill sons need more help, the sons become very very strong, and uncontrollable. If they turn violent, I have read that these mothers have very few resources available to help them, other than waiting for them to commit a crime. The mother in the Sandy Hook shooting knew her son was violent. You know mothers probably know exactly what their sons are capable of, but if a mother’s choice is to put the son in prison or try to work it out herself, she may try to “handle it”.

  4. Does it really matter what they do?
    Is it like Prohibition? Is it like the war on drugs? No.
    The difference is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is enshrined in the Constitution.
    That difference, like other things enshrined in the Bill of Rights, gives us the Right, no the Obligation, as a Free man to drill Oppression right between the eyes.
    The Ballot Box, the Jury Box, the Cartridge Box.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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