Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.51.46 PM“We started off thinking, well this is about guns,” Tom Bittman, 19, told Reuters in an interview. “I think that’s sort of the natural, knee-jerk reaction to this. That’s not where I think we’ve ended up.”

“I think what’s happening is we have too many knee-jerk reactions, and we don’t what to do that,” Bittman continued. “It’s been 30 days.”

The group “Sandy Hook Promise“, which took its name from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where the massacre unfolded, aims to take an inclusive approach to the killings, which plunged the rural New England town of 27,000 into grief and shocked the country.

In announcing its effort, the group faced questions from reporters about why it was not taking a concrete stance on gun control and mental health care reforms being proposed in the state legislature and in Washington.

Bittman said the group would aim to drive a national conversation on three issues: gun regulation, mental health, and school safety. “Gun responsibility” will “absolutely” be part of the solution, he said.

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