Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 7.32.27 PMMy girlfriend Lisa called me up tonight and let me know that CBS news had ladies on talking about their guns and gun control. Luckily CBS did post it online so I can share it with you.  In their story, Tina Wilson-Cohen, who teaches women how to shoot, says the idea of an assault weapons ban worries her.

“I’m very concerned where we are right now,” she said. “And I think we are teetering on losing our rights.” She said that about 90 percent of her female clients buy guns to boost confidence levels and for self-protection.

“We have females that are out there saying ‘we need to ban guns,'” said Wilson-Cohen, “but we don’t really have somebody at the table that represents women saying why we do need them.” One of her students, Jennifer Wisner, struggled for months before she made the decision to buy a gun. “To have people put limitations on what you can do after you’ve it so much thought,” she said, “it’s kind of sad.” She purchased a Smith and Wesson 22 pistol two months ago.

“As a woman, you’re not expected to own a gun,” Wisner said. “For me, you give it some thought. ‘Can you shoot the gun? Do you want to shoot the gun? If you had to, could you?’ You really think about it before you ever go and do it.” Read more here

As a female gun owner I agree with these ladies completely.  I see the women on TV lobbying for the guns to be taken, asking “why do we need a gun?” Aside from the main reason, the 2nd Amendment, for a lady – there is a much more immediate need.  A lady, even against an unarmed man, will be nearly defenseless.  Sure, some women are trained in martial arts, some have taken self defense classes, some carry mace, some plan on using their car keys – but the tool that made us “equal” is the gun.

You never know what happens in life, what events may occur that change your opinion either way. As woman and a mother, I cannot imagine the terror of a man breaking my window and the realization that there was nothing I could do – If I did not have a gun. I do understand that, thank God, the likelihood is low. Well, the chance of your house burning down is quite low as well – and yet you still have homeowners insurance.

I cannot understand an intelligent woman, who reads the statistics – and understands criminals will not follow laws, giving up her chance of ever owning a firearm. In fact, AR-15s are PERFECT for ladies. The adjustable stock will adapt to their length of pull, it is lighter, so easier to hold properly. Many other production rifles are too heavy and non-adjustable. Why would a lady argue against this gun? Why would she argue against her own ability to defend herself against ANY weapon, including bare fists?

Ladies – we MUST make our voices heard. The voice of a woman, strong and true, the voice of a mother who wants to protect her children – these are powerful voices.  We can make a difference!



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