Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 7.36.54 PMUnder darkness and a light drizzle, recruits of Company C, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, lined up to receive an M-16 A4 service rifle aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Dec. 26. Throughout the remainder of recruit training these rifles will be in recruits’ hands constantly. There will be few places these rifles do not accompany the recruits, such as their rack and mess hall.

It was Training Day 2 for Co. C recruits and the issuing of rifles signified they would soon become familiar with the M-16 A4, learning drill movements, the components of the rifle and eventually, become proficient in rifle marksmanship.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 7.36.05 PM

“They will start learning rifle manual now which (teaches) them discipline and how to be a team,” said Sgt. Jason A. Sabater, drill instructor, Plt. 1050, Co. C, 1st RTBn. “It teaches them to be a team because the movements need to be one sequence (with the rest of the platoon).”

Read the rest of their story here: Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego > News > News Article Display.



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  1. LOL, oh yeah boot camp in the 70’s lugging an M-1 around in Orlando in the middle of the summer, and God forbid you dropped it because your hands were sweaty!!! Shudder…

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