Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 11.26.48 PMHere is the letter I just sent via to the Congressmen in the state in which I vote. Please share my letter, copy my letter, or write your own. Just write!

As an American, and a female gun owner, I am deeply concerned with the proposed Assault Weapons Legislation drafted by Sen. Feinstein.

I am also a mother of a five-year old boy, so the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary broke my heart as I thought, “What if it had been my son.”

Gun-free zones create a situation where people are “Sitting Ducks” for a person bent on massive violence. As a mother, I would feel much better if my son were at a school where there were TRAINED armed guards.  I do not care if these “guards” are teachers trained for an active shooter event, and allowed to conceal carry their guns, or if they are trained volunteers as the NRA proposed (VERY carefully screened, of course) or if they are paid for by the State and Federal Government.

As a mother of two children, who seem healthy in every way, my heart breaks for the mothers of mentally ill children, especially boys who grow exponentially stronger than their mothers and sometimes turn violent.  A better use of your time would be to offer these mothers, who KNOW their son’s are on the verge of snapping, a better alternative than prison.  In almost every case – someone knew the shooter was growing more violent, and knew they might explode.

As a mother, a single mother, of two children is my best self-defense option to have a baseball bat or a knife by my bed?  If someone comes in the middle of the night to rape my 16-year-old daughter or me, am I to have no defense other than my fingernails gouging out their eyes? My pistol, my semi-automatic with a 10 round, detachable magazine is loaded, and safely locked away where I can get to it VERY quickly.

I also have an AR-15, and two long-range rifles with detachable magazines I use for sport and competition.  I keep them locked safely away as well – and go to great lengths to transport them within the proper laws according to the state I am in.  I have done nothing wrong, I am a law-abiding gun owner.  I am a mother.  I am the person who will continue to follow your laws and jump through your hoops no matter how many you throw at me because I am an American and I have the right to own my guns.

This Bill will not stop another mass shooting, there are already 300 million guns out there, it will only make it more difficult for ladies like me, and other law-abiding gun owners to pursue their right to bear arms, their 2nd Amendment Right.

I can promise you this – the criminals will not register their guns.

If you vote in favor of Senator Feinstein’s Legislation, I will vote directly against you on this issue alone.  I will become an activist and work tirelessly against you from that day forward.

DO NOT KEEP ME FROM PROTECTING MY CHILDREN OR MYSELF from criminals or the eventual tyrannical government that will surely follow disarmament of the public.


Lil Chantilly



6 Replies to “My Personal Letter to Congress – Don’t Take Away my 2nd Amendment Right or the Right to Protect my Children!”

  1. My grandfather was killed in the holocaust. He was unarmed, and one day soldiers came to his home and took him away. If a people are disarmed, tyranny is the natural result per the laws of human nature. It not a question of if, but only when, the next dictator cleverly crosses that blurry line of power. Greed for power has not been erased from the hearts of men, and the horrors of history will always be in our future. The Second Amendment balances the power of the government with those of the people for this reason. Do not upset that balance of power, because it will cause another holocaust. Registration gives government the ability to take away “assault weapons”, and that new power will only make the government even more hungry for complete disarmament the next time there is a shooting incident with a different firearm. Listen to the six million voices who are silent now and cannot speak, because they were disarmed, and suffered the results in gas chambers and execution pits.

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