Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.45.47 PMJessie Duff is recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world. Competing – and excelling – in five different shooting disciplines, Jessie has won both world and national championship titles, included among them are the prestigious Bianchi Cup and the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. Over the last couple years Jessie has been a fixture in the shooting sports industry representing her many sponsors, chief among them Taurus.

In this video on the Fox News show, Hannity.  She really demonstrates the difference in various guns, and why banning an AR-15 will not do anything.  We are simply going to get to the root cause of the mass shootings. I do realize that by posting a Fox News video – some people will believe it is skewed.  This video is nearly 100% Jessie Duff talking and showing the difference in different kinds of guns and different calibers. I think this is a fair video.  Let me know what you think!



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    1. OldNFO – I have this policy on my FB page for this blog that when an anti-gun person pops on and starts saying uneducated mean things, I just calmly try to debate with them. I try to educate them gently. Today, a lady came on and asked “Why do you need an assault rifle?” and I worked on her for awhile. She hung in there, she didn’t disappear, but the best she gave me was a “Duh” when she thought I had contradicted myself (if we were having a discussion, she would have been able to understand what I was trying to say). I asked her to watch this video, I asked her if she had ever even seen an AR-15 – she never responded to those comments. I reminded her that if she is getting her info from the media, it is probably incorrect and I encouraged her to become educated. I know it all fell on deaf ears – I could tell just by the way she was responding to me. It is odd how people can be so passionate and sure about something they are not even willing to learn about.

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