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Sean Penn is Mickey Cohen in the new film “Gangster Squad.”

In the Boston Globe this morning, there is an article suggesting that Hollywood and the NRA are actually in bed together, comparing guns to cigarettes in the 1930’s when cigarette companies would pay to have their cigarettes prominently placed in a movie. She basically says that if we see an Uzi in a movie, we will want an Uzi. The Boston Globe Columnist, Johanna Weiss, said this:


Watched the trailer for “Gangster Squad,” and it goes something like this: Gun, gun, shot of phallic-looking building, Ryan Gosling, gun, firefight, is that Nick Nolte?, firefight, guns getting handed out like candy, someone getting hit with a gun barrel, guy pointing gun in other guy’s face, gun, gun, firefight, explosion, raid involving guns, casings falling cinematically to the floor. (Read more here.)

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a gun in a movie and thought “I have to have that”, I do not even think, “Oh, I need a gun” in general when I am watching a violent scene in a movie. I suppose that some people make their decisions that way, but people make decisions for a variety of reasons, some of which I may not comprehend. Still – they have a right to own their guns, no matter WHY they decided to get them.

Now ask me if I have ever decided what kind of gun I want after reading a US Navy SEAL Biography, for THAT is a completely different story.

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Former US Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle’s .338 Lapua.





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