Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.06.44 PMI have heard about insurance for gun owners in the past, but in this climate – it is something that could become mandatory. A bill filed Friday in Massachusetts would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance in the event that a firearm is used to injure. Read the proposed legislation here.

The insurance policies would give those injured by a weapon a legal recourse, backers of the bill say, but they also would create financial incentives that could reduce accidents and fatalities. Gun owners, for example, might see lower insurance rates if they agreed to take firearms training courses and properly stored their weapons. Insurance companies were able to discourage smoking through the marketplace and make cars safer through the marketplace,” said state Rep. David Linsky, the bill’s sponsor. Read more here.

Fast forward and make this a law. If we will have to pay (like car insurance) to have a gun in our home, I am sure it will increase for the number of guns one has in their home.  If you want reduced rates, you will have to pay to take classes and ensure you have very good security. (I agree we all need great security, but depending on who you are and what you are doing, and who is in your house, and how many guns you have, this will vary.) At some point it becomes a financial burden to have a gun. The people with less money, including the good law-abiding gun owners, who live in an economically depressed area, will have to choose between food, a gun for protection, or decide not to have insurance and risk the legal consequences if something goes wrong.

This same bill imposes a 25% sales tax on ammunition, firearms, shotguns, and rifles, and dedicates funds towards firearms licensing, police training, mental health services, and victim’s services.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 9.17.26 PMOh, and what if Feinstein’s bill gets approved, and we all have to register according to the National Firearms act?  Then that is $200 additional per weapon.  I am telling you – they are going to tax our guns to death.

It is the bills like this that are going to get us.  If they are approved, one by one, people won’t notice, they may even say, “Well, that one is ok – it’s just insurance.”

It’s like death from 1,000 paper cuts.



6 Replies to “Gun Insurance: Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts”

  1. Wow, 200 bucks a gun really adds up. There is a guy at work with several dozen guns and he told me that he is getting offers weekly. Folks want to buy ’em.

  2. Excellent post, and I think you’re correct… This IS one of the ‘models’ the gun grabbers are going to try to use, and the insurance companies WILL support it since it means more money for them!

  3. There is already a legal recourse for accidental firearm injuries, it’s called civil court. Should golfers have to carry insurance for an poorly placed drive? Horse owners for the day on kick someone? Well they have to find a way to raise enough money for there next pay increase somehow.

  4. In many states, you can assume that if you use a gun to defend your life, somebody will try to sue you. If you actually plan to use a gun for self defense- in your home, business or have a CCW, you really should have special insurance –that includes an attorney if arrested or sued. It won’t matter what kind of dirt bag tries to harm you- could be a dirt bag with 1000 arrest…if he has any family alive, they will try to sue you.

  5. As an emergency physician, I see a great deal more suffering from alcohol and prescription drugs than from firearms. (Despite what the media would have you believe, my busy, rural, Southern ER rarely sees gunshot wounds.). Shall we make patients have insurance for their Oxycontin and that bottle of Jack Daniels?

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