RevenueAfter five years of economic downturns, a housing debacle, the national debt rising faster than the speed of light, and the country teetering at the edge of the fiscal cliff, is there any chance this is all about the money?

Today the Illinois Senate decided they didn’t have the votes to take on further gun control in their state.  Had their bill been approved the new laws they were proposing would have been stricter than anything Senator Feinstein dreamed of.  Take her Bill, feed it milk and make sure it eats it’s veggies, and you have the proposal some Illinois legislatures were touting.  It would have required that about 50% of all rifles and 75% of all pistols in Illinois currently be registered for $10-$15 each.  This would very quickly add millions of dollars to the Illinois State Coffers. 

The Bill Dianne Feinstein has proposed is nearly as restrictive, but far more expensive.  To have a gun registered with the National Firearms Act (NFA) requires $200 per gun.  If all guns were actually registered, it would generate something like $60 Billion. Wow – $60 Billion is a lot!  Think of the politician that could run on that one, “I not only saved your babies, but I raised $60 Billion doing so!” 

So, I got to wondering, how much is the annual budget for the TSA?  In 2012 it was about $8 Billion dollars.  Since the NFA tax is a one-time only tax (unless you sell it), that $60 Billion will not last forever.  You know the government doesn’t do anything efficiently or cheaply, so I am sure the additional workers, systems, and database improvements will cost at least as much as the TSA.  In a few years, they will cost more than they bring in and our debt will continue to grow.

Still – the crime stats will remain about the same with or without this bill.



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  1. Another viewpoint sould be that any sort of Feinsteinian gun control bill would cause the unemployment of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people employed in the firearms industry. I think gun control would destroy the economy!

    1. I know you are right about that – 100%. The amount of harm this Bill would do is massive compared to the increase (or lack of) in safety. It seems the economy is so fragile right now, we cannot afford this!

  2. One major firearms distributor I’ve dealt with for over 30 years notified it’s customers that they are totally out of all AK, AR or any rifles close to those…and all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds for any gun. And the prices are going way up.
    Thanks Feeenstien.

    1. No kidding! It’s not just the AKs and ARs, I was able to get 10 round Mags for my .223 bolt action, but I am trying to find some for my new 6XC build as well – incase they get outlawed and I cannot find them ANYWHERE!

      Hey – if anyone finds Accuracy International 10 round .308 Mags – let me know!

      Thanks Feeeeestien! (as CI said)

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