AR-15 FunnyRead this from Forbes.comIsrael, which can’t afford the weak-minded irrationality of American liberals, has learned from all this and its own experience to stop terrorist attacks in its schools by arming its teachers. That has worked spectacularly to shut down terrorist attacks in Israeli schools, without a single accident or misuse of guns.

But CNN anchor Piers Morgan showed recently that he does not learn from experience when he professionally attacked Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt on the air as “an incredibly stupid man” because Pratt was aware of the above evidence, while Morgan was not. Morgan, who demonstrates on air every day why people have said that America and Britain are two nations separated by a common language, ignorantly insisted that America adopt the benighted gun control laws of his formerly great country of Britain.

Even with so much evidence and statistics to back increased gun rights in our country, the politicians would have you live in a culture of fear.  They raise AR-15s and try to scare us.  Am I to believe if I have an AR-15 that I will immediately become a crazed killer?  That is as preposterous as saying if I buy a Chevy SS off the showroom floor that I will become Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon.  Every gun, knife, baseball bat, or car are just tools until a human decides to do something with them. 

Do not be fooled, Dianne Feinstein’s bill is just for show – it will do nothing to stop a madman.



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