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Idea: Print out the Groupon Logo and use it at the range for target practice. If anyone asks why, tell them what Groupon has done and encourage them to spread the word.

Thank you Groupon, you have just become part of the problem. They announced that due to pressure from gun-control advocates, they have canceled all gun-related deals in North America. Read more here. What is the goal of gun control if it is not to “force” gun owners to be responsible? All the politicians and people on the side of increased gun control say they are not interested in taking away the 2nd Amendment rights, they just want to take away what they call assault rifles.

I do not want to talk about AR-15s right now, I want to talk about firearm training and time spent at the range. I do occasionally use a Groupon deal to go to a winery, a pedicure, a new dinner experience – you get the picture. My Groupon has never offered me firearms training, or a day at the range, but if it had – I am likely to have taken the deal. I am sure that ranges and firearms instructors used Groupons to drum up business.  They may have gotten someone who ALREADY has a gun to the range to practice, so they are less likely to make a mistake. They may have taken a class where they learned numerous safety lessons they would not have learned anywhere else.  Groupons occasionally have great deals and people who could not afford a firearms class might have been able to attend one, if only Groupon had not gone spineless.  Well done Groupon, with an already failing business model, It does not seem prudent to turn away a customer.  Well done.



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