Friends with guns!
Friends with guns!

Get the New Year started off on the right foot, or should I say the right blog.  If you think you like my Heels and Handguns blog – there are a few like-minded people I want you to meet.  Here are a few samples from my favorites:

Old NFO is a Navy Veteran, a major supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and a true patriot.  What else can I say?  He is a straight shooter, and I mean that in more ways than one.

If you haven’t yet, you just have to go read any random article on the Mellow Jihadi.  His blog is about everything.  He is all Navy, intelligent, quirky, and you never know what he is going to say.  Never a dull moment over there!

America’s Sargent Major is more than a Marine, he is a leader in this world where they can be hard to come by.  He will entertain you and inspire you.  Check out his New Year’s Day post, on Initiative.

Go check out Kathy at the Cornered Cat, she is a mother like me, and had gone above and beyond to pull other women into this sport, this world, this veil of protection that we all love so much.

Perhaps the most inspiring Blog Article I read recently was on Blasting Beauty.  In her article, “An Accidental Activist” she describes how many obstacles there are remain a law-abiding citizen and responsible gun owner, yet we all try very hard to do so.  She describes how many hoops she has to go through just to stop and get dinner between her home and a gun competition in another state.  This is the perfect example how more laws will only make things harder for good people.

My friend, CI-Roller Dude, has years of experience in the US Army, CA National Guard, and is now semi retired after 32 years as a cop.  I have to tell you, his perspective on many of these gun topics provides me with great insight.  His most recent article, “If you’re going to fix it, fix the right thing or you’ll be back” is one that we should all read.

One of the best examples of a general prepping checklist I have seen.  I think if you do even ½ of the Prepography recommendations, you will be heads and shoulders above the masses.

As you are prepping, head on over to, I am a contributor there, but more importantly, they have a whole team of fantastic guys who are smart, funny, and want to get good information out to you.  They have gun and gear reviews, how to’s, and prepping info too!

I love the guys at Loose Rounds, they have real information, the kind regular gun loving people can actually use on their site.  They are not SEALs, just normal guys – go ask them questions, I have – they are glad to help!  I promise, if you go dig around their site you will get lost there for awhile.

You cannot go wrong with Ammoland! They are a wealth of knowledge and tons of great information.



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