Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 9.55.47 AMI watched Candy Crowley on CNN this morning, she was interviewing former Utah Governor and former Republican Presidential Candidate, Jon Huntsman from Utah, and Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Most politically savvy people would expect Huntsman to be pro-gun, but a Democratic Senator? Yes, Joe Manchin was not as pro gun as I am, but enough to give me hope. He said he grew up with guns, he is a member of the NRA, and he said we cannot have a proper gun debate without the NRA at the table, just like we need to have mental health experts at the table. The best quote from this interview came when Sen. Manchin was pressed by Candy for a yes or no answer to the question, would Sen Manchin support a standalone assault weapons ban? He said:

An assault weapons ban on just guns alone own, will not in the political reality that we have today, will not go anywhere, it has to be comprehensive Candy, and that’s what I’ve tried to tell the Vice President. It has to be a comprehensive approach. ~Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin



4 Replies to “Democrat Senator: An assault weapons ban will not go anywhere”

  1. While I agree with Old NFO, I would like to point out that Manchin’s response was not even close to: “No, I would NOT support an assault weapons ban.”

    1. Dennis – agree, he said exactly what was in the quote – that a AWB alone would not make it through (without the other stuff sprinkled in.) That did not mean he wouldn’t vote for it, that did not mean there would not an an AWB. I agree with you. The part that gave me hope is that he said a lot of things that were more reasonable than many of the folks on the left. The more reasonable people, the harder it will be to get this passed.

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