Updated to change the photo from the photo shared by Fox News to the actual photo of the ammo from the IntegrityBallistics.com photo.

I just saw this on Fox news: A new technology, created at Integrity Ballistics LLC, a company that has spent more than 10 years developing and testing a round that resembles a shotgun shell. The round fires a synthetic ball that flattens upon impact and is intended to stun or subdue the target and the plan is to make it available only to law enforcement.  They hope to begin marketing in early 2013 looks like an orange shotgun shell and is made up of three proprietary components: a pliable dark gray ball, orange plastic that encases the ball and a base filled with propellant.

It will be a lot safer for the officer and for the person being shot.  What our products are going to do is stop and diffuse threats.  ~Jim Greer, CEO

Fired out of a 12-gauge shotgun, the ball — made of soft polymer composite — flattens like a pancake on impact and stuns and bruises a human target. The ammo is being marketed as a tool for law enforcement officers that can be used to defuse standoffs, crowd control or other scenarios in which law enforcement may need to gain the upper hand.

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6 Replies to “Safer Ammo for Police and Bounty Hunters”

  1. Great, I’ve been looking for an effective round cookie jar guarding detail. There have been some suspicious characters lurking ’round. I don’t want to kill them. (I have in the past and it is a mess to clean up.) And this round will come in handy. Thanks!

  2. I became a Less Lethal weapons instructor several years ago…we’ve had 12 ga and 37/40 MM less lethal rounds for years that will knock an asshole on his ass. Also good for breaking windows and putting out lights etc.

  3. For starters that looks nothing like any shotgun shell that I’ve ever seen. Secondly I’ve found that a actual shotgun slug flattens out and tends to “stun and bruise” (and then some) already. I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box but it seems like if someone is doing something so bad that would justify shooting them, I would prefer an actual slug or 00 buckshot. The CEO (Jim Greer) says that these will be “a lot safer for the officer and for the person being shot”, honestly I don’t even understand that statement. Again, saying it a different way, when a LE shoots at someone I tend to give them the benefit of doubt and think the bad guy deserves to be shot. We already have tasers, 12ga Bean Bag Rounds and other non-lethal shot gun rounds this just looks like more of the same. Let’s just start shooting bad guys with spit wads and and insulting them, so we only hurt their feelings. Yea, I’m in one of those moods.

    1. $$$ – you are right, that photo, and this story was a complete share from the Fox News site. I updated the photo from Integrity Ballistic’s actual website.

      Thank you for the comments, even if you are in one of those moods – maybe especially if you are in one of those moods!

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