Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 4.59.41 PMChris Rock once said that “guns should be made available to anyone, but that bullets should cost $5,000 a pop.”

Today he updated the line: He suggested that only those who have mortgages should be allowed to own guns.

“The gun lobby. . .says people need to be able to protect their property, but every mass shooting is done by guys who live with their mother.”

“So I believe you should need to have a mortgage to buy a gun. A mortgage is a real background check.”

He is just another celebrity who loves to tell us how to live while he lives in his glass house (no doubt with armed protection.)  At least he did get something right, he pointed out that the mass shooters are not the same as everyone else, though he was sarcastic.  He sees the same thing the “Gun Lobby” sees, there is a certain kind of person who commits these extreme mass killings, and that is a person who is mentally unstable.  Let’s find those people and perhaps we can actually keep nightmares like Columbine and Sandy Hook from happening in the future.



9 Replies to “Chris Rock weighs in on gun laws – Again”

  1. I laugh my a… off when the Hollywood heroes hold the gun next to their face like that…not understanding that if it goes off (because most have their finger on the trigger) it’s going to blow out their ear drums and blow out their eye balls.
    I think I’ll start giving instructions on how to fly the space shuttle.

  2. Only those that have a mortgage should be allowed to have firearms. This is Chris Rock’s suggestion to end the violence in this country. Why does Chris Rock want poor people and renters to be unarmed and at the mercy of the criminal element? Has all that money of his blinded him to the plight of the average poor person of this country? Don’t they have the right to self defense? Or should their private security have to do all the work?

  3. Chris Rock obviously a complete moron! To hear this from a black man that came from the ghetto, you would think he would know better!

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