Assault Weapon for Kindergarteners
Assault Weapon for kindergartener

I have seen this in the news for a couple of days, but I just need to point out something in relation to it. This little girl, a kindergartener, has been suspended for threatening to shoot a playmate with her Hello Kitty “bubble gun”. It is called an “automatic bubble blower.” I wonder if she had a “semi-automatic” bubble blower, or perhaps a bolt action bubble blower, if that would have been better.  The little girl did not even have the toy with her at school. She is just a little girl who thought it would be fun to play with her friend.  I have a kindergarten aged son, and I can tell you that sometimes he says rather shocking things, related to toys, that if he was an adult would be more disturbing. Does he know what he is saying? If I don’t think he does, I stop him and gently explain why we shouldn’t say certain things. Usually, that is all the chastising necessary to cause him to correct the undesired behavior.

What other options the school district could have taken?  They could have talked to her about how serious a comment this was, and then taken action if it continued excessively. They could have talked to her parents, and had them tell her not to say such things at school. They could have had the principal talk to her, or they could have had an actual police officer talk to her.

Better yet, if they are really going to start suspending little kids for making such remarks, they should have a safety assembly and show the children examples of what will get them in trouble.  This little girl had no idea she was saying something that would get her kicked out of school.  Most kids can be trained not to say bad words or derogatory words, so maybe they just need some education.

Even in the military, we do not kick someone out for the first “mistake” someone makes.  We sit them down, counsel them, provide them training on the desired future behavior, and then let them try again.  This was absolutely absurd, ridiculous.  If that school district decides to use their legal team to fight these parents, and if they continue to require the parents to retain their own attorney, they are wasting so many dollars and resources that have a much better use.  For goodness sake – let’s get real people!


You can e-mail the superintendent here, and you can e-mail the elementary school principal here.



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