Finally, some common sense!  The Putnam County Officials in New York decided they would not honor the request of the Journal News to release information of gun owners.  That is great news for everyone, not just gun owners.  Still, you have got to watch this video – it will make you stand up and salute.  Government officials doing the right thing, standing up and fighting for their people! (Too bad we cannot say that about the Westchester and Rockland County officials.)

State Sen. Greg Ball and Assemblyman Steve Katz vowed to introduce legislation that would limit access to gun permit databases. Senator Ball said he envisioned legislation that would limit release of the gun database to law enforcement agencies, which could then decide whether or not to disseminate the information further.

“I will fight with you until hell freezes over and then fight on the ice,” Ball said. “We will hold The Journal News’ Editorial Board accountable and I urge you to cancel your subscription and then tell your neighbor to cancel theirs.”



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