I bought my first Revolver – S&W .357 Magnum M686

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.05.44 AMOn gun appreciation day, there were no large rallies near my house, so I decided to go to a gun store with the goal of buying a revolver.  I already have a semi-automatic pistol, an XD45.  I have a .223 Remington 5R Rifle with an AICS stock, I am building a custom 6XC long range rifle, and I have a Stag Arms 3G AR-15.  What I did not have is a revolver. When I was a child my mom had a gun, she had a .38 revolver. Maybe someday she will let me do a story about her gun, she told me yesterday that she still has it. I still remember the first time I shot a gun, it was my mother’s .38. She took my sister and I to the range, I don’t remember how old I was, maybe 7 or 8 years old, my sister is a couple years younger. I do remember her telling us that this gun was in the house, and that we needed to know what would happen if we pulled the trigger. In other words, she was beginning our training, our understanding of the power of a gun. I remember being scared, and fascinated at the same time by her revolver.  I have never forgotten that moment.

The gun I decided to buy is a Smith & Wesson M686, it is a .357 Magnum, which means it could also use .38 ammo as well.  I tried a few other revolvers that were the same size there in the store, a couple of Rugers, a Taurus, and a couple S&Ws.  This one felt perfect in my hands, when pulling through the trigger, it was smooth, and I liked the weight of it (considering it is a .357).

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.06.24 AMIt has a 2.5″ barrel, it weighs about 34 ounces, just a little over 2 pounds as it is a steel frame. This one has a 7 round capacity as well.

They had to order it, so it will be 2-8 weeks until I have it in my hands.  I am a pretty busy person, so hopefully the time will fly.

Do any of you have this revolver? What to you think about it?



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6 thoughts on “I bought my first Revolver – S&W .357 Magnum M686

  1. my first revolver ever was a Ruger new model blackhawk in .357 mag..had it for a few years and then was forced to sell it, but managed to buy it back last year. and since then have given it to my oldest son as a early inheritence..he is totally in love with it

  2. That’s also known as the “Snubbie from Hell”! Shooting full up .357 loads WILL be an experience! 🙂 Good quality pistol though, and good reliability!

  3. My first police issue gun was S&W Mod 66…which transformed into the Mod 686. The best way to break in the trigger/ hammer- put a few drops of oil into the openings, them making sure it’s empty, dry fire it few hundred times. the more it’s shot, the smoother it gets. The only revolver better, but no longer made is the Colt Python.

  4. My 686 is one of the more hard to find ones, a 7 shot 6″ barrel gun made before the lock and the MIM parts. Has had the Miculek trigger job and fixed sights attached. My most accurate handgun at 25 yards or more. Only nicer current production S&W .357 is the 627 8 shot.

  5. The 686 is a fine gun and it is hard to beat a Smith and Wesson .357 of any flavor. Personally I don’t get the full sized short barreled revolver thing. The guns are inherantly big and heavy anyway so why make it less shootable with a short barrel, in any case I digress.

  6. Congrats on the new revolver – I’ve seen the S&W and it’s definitely caught my eye as well. However, I keep telling myself I’ll stumble onto a cheap Colt Python (unlikely) someday once The Walking Dead’s popularity dies down.

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