Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 7.15.40 PMMr. Biden presented his ideas to President Obama, and though his report wasn’t made public, Mr. Biden’s recommendations are expected to be wide-ranging and include ideas both big and small, some that need congressional approval and some that could be done by the administration unilaterally (by Executive Order).


It is believed that his recommendations include:

  • Strengthening background checks
  • Restricting high-capacity magazines
  • Banning certain semiautomatic weapons
  • Gathering data about guns that fall into the hands of criminals
  • Tougher federal penalties for gun traffickers
  • Improving federal and state data collection in the background-check system
  • Requiring background checks for all gun purchases, including those between individual citizens
  • Lifting restrictions on federally funded research on gun-related injuries
  • Mental-health provisions that would prevent those who are mentally ill and potentially dangerous from buying guns
  • Improving mental-health services



One Reply to “Biden’s 2nd Amendment Recommendations are with President Obama”

  1. I have some ideas:
    1.) Have the news papers post the addresses of all violent criminals not in prison..include violent mentally ill and what medications they take.
    2.) Require all criminals and mentally ill to register or turn in firearms they have.
    3.) Requiring a safety test to buy a gun is the ONLY law CA has passed that does any good-
    4.) If anybody supplies a convicted felon or nut with a gun used in a crime, the person supplying the gun is charged with the same crime (like murder)
    5.) Allow all good citizens who pass a background check and pass a class have a CCW if they want one.
    6.) Have the politicians start brain washing the public with something useful– keep repeating”schools are a safe place. colleges are a safe place….no violence.” and keep repeating over and over.

    Punishiment of any of the above gets the offender a good asswhoppin.

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