Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.01.36 AMIf Vice President Joe Biden and his panel of experts are truly interested in reducing school shootings, I would recommend they read this article:

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS by Daria M. Brezinski Phd.

It is a long article, but Dr. Daria Brezinski lays out, in well researched detail, possible root causes to the psychosis that is rotting our children today.

Some of her concerns are:

  • attachment to the mother at an early age, or the lack thereof
  • An environment prolific with drugs, abuse, neglect, and violent images on TV and video games
  • The increase in pharmaceutical mind-altering drugs

The most disturbing portion of this article to me is the fact she states, that all school shooters have been on mind altering drugs, or were detoxing from mind altering drugs.  If this is true, then this common thread should be reported loudly from the tops of the mountains. Her belief is:

The information will never be revealed or connected directly to the school shootings because the pharmaceutical companies are the major advertisers, contributors, and sponsors for the major media corporations, politicians, and medical professionals.

If anyone truly wants to get to the bottom of these horrible tragedies, a holistic approach must be taken.  Many say the NRA is too powerful, what do they say about the pharmaceutical companies?



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