Read this article: An Open Letter to President Obama by The Armed Lutheran.  In this article, he proposes:




We take 10-20 billion and actually do something that will not only help kids FEEL safer, but actually MAKE them safer. Create the Civilian School Safety Corps, or CSSC for short (if you can come up with a better acronym, I am all ears). The CSSC would be a Federally funded, locally administered corps of armed civilians, two of whom would report for duty every day at each of our public schools.

What do you think?




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  1. I think that is a great idea we have alot of vets and retired law enforcement that would be more than happy to do it. As aparent and grand parent as well as being a vet I would be happy to have the job. It not be just a job but be a satisfin one take of Americas future citizens.

    1. Joel, I agree – this would be a terrific retirement job for military, LEO, etc. I would even consider it. Next to defending the Country, I can’t imagine a greater honor than protecting our children!


      1. Thanks Lil it be one of the greatest honors that i would ever have our children and grand children are the future of our great country and should be protected by us.

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