A3 McMillan Tactical Stock
A3 McMillan Tactical Stock

After a long day at work, I checked my e-mail in my car before I started driving home and found two emails declaring the same GREAT news:

My McMillan Stock has finally shipped!!!  Both McMillan and UPS sent me notes declaring the joyous news.

It should arrive in less than a week. I ordered this stock back in July (if my memory is correct). It is a completely custom stock.  You can read more about all the details of my order here. I was able to have it customized specifically for my action, barrel, and bottom metal. I also have a custom length of pull and an adjustable cheek piece, along with many other little details chosen by me for me. I am anxious to see the color. I had to choose three colors that they swirl together in a colored resin that creates an extremely rugged finish, perhaps one of the most rugged finishes available.  See more about the color design information here. In case I never said on this blog, I did choose option “D” from this this link (click here).  Many of you voiced your opinion on the Heels and Handguns Facebook page and by commenting here on the blog, so you had a hand in choosing my stock.  I will get picture up to show you what WE designed as soon as I can.  I cannot wait to see it!

Now my only hope is that the UPS driver is “Racing the Truck” to get the stock delivered quickly!

To follow the entire series on my custom rifle build, click here.  (The most recent will at the top of the page.)



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