According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there has been a record number of deaths due to TVs falling on children.  This is very tragic, and can be prevented.  Please read more at this link: The Tipping Point: Highest Number of TV and Furniture Tip-Over Deaths Recorded By CPSC in 2011.  Please do read the link – this is a legitimate concern for those with small children in the home, or visiting the home.

Has anyone heard the Media calling for a ban on Big Screen Televisions?  Anyone?  Curious…..

Shall we list all the advantages to banning television?  (It would be a very long list.)  Don’t worry – I can’t live without my “Walking Dead”, “Top Shot” and my NASCAR races.  It is just an interesting comparison to the constant beating of the gun ban drum.



3 Replies to “Let’s Ban the Television, TVs are NOT a right!”

    1. Ha ha, well – you know that I am only kidding, but since there are so many TVs killing children, why isn’t Piers Morgan screaming about banning TVs tonight? Just things I think about…

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