One of my favorite people – NavyOne over at The Mellow Jihadi just posted this video — I have to share with you too!  He is on our side – please take a minute and go check out his site and see his thoughts on the matter!

These celebrities and their fake concern while they feign to be on the verge of tears makes me sick.  If you want to demand action, take a look at your self and the images you propagate first!  (How many of these folks have armed guards?)

A man with the user name Mass One interlaced the celebrities call for action (insinuating gun control) with scenes from their violent movies.  Brilliant.



4 Replies to “Hypocrite Celebrities Demanding Action For Gun Control”

  1. One thing I learned over the years doing different kinds of investigations and training for police work and the Army…to find the truth or the best way to fix a problem you have to start with an open mind. If you go into any problem with a pre-conceived idea of how to fix it or who is guilty….then you will often come to the wrong conclusion and waste lots of time and resources. For the “gun” problem we need to fix several things, but we have to fix the correct problems. We do need to keep guns out of the hands of nuts, criminals and children (unless supervised)..We need to make sure those that have guns are safe with them. If a person who is not allowed by law to have a gun (felons, nuts, drug addicts) gets a gun- they should go to prison for a very long time…like the rest of their life. We also need to fix the mental health system…and look at the rights of all compared to the “patient’s rights” (the rights of the mentally insane)– and if a doc thinks a patient is a danger to himself or others- they should be required to let the cops know. Too many times we never knew until the patient did something really bad.
    Just banning guns will only make things worse– look at the UK and Australia…they are having more gun violence than before they banned guns.

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