Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 11.33.07 AMThis post was originally a comment on another post from a reader of this Blog, Richard.  I wanted everyone to read his thoughts:

People that are “anti-gun” consider themselves either smarter better or have a false sense of entitlement in the area of either psychological superiority or outright dictatorship type of power. The fact that they are willing to voluntarily segregate themselves is all too evident. History has taught us over and over that they are wrong. With the television has came news instantly seemingly in your front yard. Per Capita, the mass homicides are on par as much as ever in history. There are just more people and news travels instantly.

Jack the ripper was never formally caught, but a gun in the first victims hands would have made it where there was never such a name. There will always be serial killers and murderers and those who want to contain this great country like a cattle farm after we are disarmed. China has no jury and if you speak out, or are found to be an otherwise undesirable person, they walk you to the showers in the police station where you are executed typically with a single bullet in the back of the head. They can do this because their population has been disarmed. What would happen if our congress was to do the same things here? What if they were to simply try to pass a nationwide curfew? Or force people to live in government housing? Or force people to work bad government jobs? Or to take away social security? Or to tell you which god to believe in? Or to force your silence? Or to take your life?

The only way to understand the Anti-gun group is to realize that most of them are outright scared of guns and have been taught either by schools or by fearful parents that guns are bad. I have changed the opinions of some but only by bringing them to a shoot, usually without telling them in advance. Once they understand the basics the natural instinct to learn takes over and that’s when their opinions tend to become educated and actually reverse. You would think that when a person accidentally shoots themselves they would adopt the anti gun stance, but that is almost unheard of.

I challenge any person that is anti gun to find a Jewish person and ask them of their history. It averages 20 years after gun laws get passed before genocide happens.  It has happened in the last 20 years right here on earth. Over and over; again and again people still forget the lessons learned. There is not one country that would not like to “own” this great land. We would not need a military if we were not at times in danger. Your opinion that you voice is only legal for one reason and that is because we have fought and will fight for equality. We have fought and will fight against tyranny. We have fought and will fight for the helpless.

This is the United States of America. There are plenty of countries any person that does not like our rights is free to move to. Many have gun bans but also have a history of genocide as well. They are right now murdering families in parts of the world simply because they are Christians and a law was passed to take away the same weapons that are used against them.

I choose not to carry a firearm but I appreciate having the choice. That’s what makes me free!



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