Concealed Carry Hero at Portland Mall – Detailed Interview

Nick MeliIt’s time for the other side of the story!  Jason, over at Easy Bake Gun club, was able to get an interview with Nick Meli and two of his friends, Ashley and Casey.  Find a detailed account of Nick’s encounter here: Concealed Carry Hero at Portland Mall – The Full Story.  It is VERY interesting, and perhaps we can all learn something from it.  Let’s get the whole story out there, this is the alternative to Sandy Hook, this is really a good news story.  If Nick hadn’t been there, the shooter had just loaded a fresh magazine, who knows how it would have changed things.

The news channels have been talking nonstop about the shooter at the Sandy Hook school and the shooter at the Clackamas Mall.  There has been some spotty reporting on the fact that a concealed carrier, Nick Meli, actually pulled his weapon and was seen by the shooter at the Clackamas Mall.  I briefly talked about it in my “Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting.”  Thank God for the blogosphere!  We need to share these good stories with everyone!  You know we can’t count on the Cable News Channels!



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  1. Why don’t we hear about heroes like this? This guy could have done some major damage! Good work Nick! And Thank You!

  2. […] large is simply choosing NOT to report these stories.  Much like they didn’t choose to make Nick Meli a hero, even though the shooter at the Clackamas Mall in Portland may have saved dozens of lives. […]

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