The goal I have been working toward lately is becoming a solid long range target shooter. It’s been about two years since I caught this bug. I only had the rifles to practice when I visited Indiana, but I brought one of the .223s home with me last time. The rifles we use in Indiana are all Accuracy International or custom high powered rifles.

This .223, Remington 5R, has been worked over by a gunsmith and is a fantastic rifle. The stock is a common Remington stock though, and I decided to get an Accuracy International stock for it. I will be able to adjust the Length of Pull (LOP), I can use the bi-pods I normally use in Indiana, and hopefully improve my muscle memory by using basically the same stock as the .308 and .260 we shoot out there.

When I do the stock swap, I will capture the process and explain it to you. Hopefully that will be in the next couple days! I want to get out and shoot – this stock just feels SO right!



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  1. That looks like it’ll fit anybody. I had a chance a few months ago when I was working on the range to shoot an Olympic Biathlon .22 It was a joy and very accurate.
    these days, I really like precise shooting compared to rapid tactical.

  2. Your goal is becoming a solid long range target shooter? Were you, by chance, either a liquid or a gaseous long range shooter last week? If so, good luck on getting solid. My suggestion: try the freezer. It works like gangbusters with ice!

    1. I can’t believe how solid it feels, so easy to really hold onto. The other great thing about AI is how easy they are to modify. I can’t wait for my custom rifle, but this rifle is going to help me pass the time just fine!

      1. And by that I hope you mean lots of trigger time! ­čÖé Once you get comfortable behind the gun, that is 50% and the other is trigger control and sight picture on the LONG targets…

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