My AICS Stock on my Remington 5R

I just had to give everyone a sneak peek! I swapped the Remington stock with the Accuracy International stock tonight. It was pretty easy, with one exception – the safety. I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow. I have to get some sleep! Sweet dreams… (I’ll be dreaming of long range targets.)



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  1. Old NFO says:

    Pardon the stupid question, but is that eye relief correct? It looks awfully close to your eye??? Which is NOT a good thing on the higher calibers…

    • Old NFO, you have a great eye! Last night I shortened the stock by removing about 1″ worth of spacers. I put the scope where it had been before I did so. I am kinda lucky, because a friend is lending me a Night Force so I can practice with a better reticle. Anyway, I did not spend energy on the scope last night because I am just going to change it in a few days.

      So – your question is legitimate!

  2. […] I showed a picture last week of the new Accuracy International stock I put on my Remington 5R. If you have ever used an Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) stock, you already know why I decided to make this change. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, let me see if I can explain.  It is not only a tactical stock, but an advanced chassis system that will provide a stable platform and improve accuracy. The chassis is very sturdy aluminum, it provides a detachable box magazine, mounts for both Harris and AI type bipods (I have a Versa Pod I want to use for this rifle.), it has an adjustable cheek piece and and adjustable butt pad. The sidestocks are polymer, providing a better grip.  They are durable and and easy to clean. The main reason I swapped the stocks is to have more options than the factory Remington stock allowed. The AICS stock gave me a magazine, options to adjust the length of pull, an adjustable cheek piece, and the ability to use a Versa Pod.  I can really make this rifle mine now. […]

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