My travels took me to Japan over the last week. The job I do requires me to care about all the ships in the Pacific Fleet, and the Seventh Fleet ships are included. During one meeting the Seventh Fleet Commander, VADM Scott Swift, addressed the group to provide his vision and thoughts for the future.  Any time I have the opportunity to listen to a three or four star Admiral, I pay attention. I recall history lessons about World War II and imagine these gentlemen and who they might be 50 years from now in the historical text books.

VADM Swift said one thing that was certainly true, and as I thought about it, I decided it was fully applicable to our everyday lives and our own personal self defense. He said, “Warfare is messing up the other guy’s world before he messes up yours.”

Warfare is messing up the other guy’s world before he messes up yours.

When speaking about the defense of the Nation, it is obvious that VADM Swift is correct.  Still, how many of you consider your own personal safety as critical as a Fleet Commander considers his mission to protect the United States interests, to keep the sea lanes open, and to protect the Sailors, ships, and aircraft he is entrusted with?  Why wouldn’t you take your own personal safety as seriously?  I have spent over 22 years in the Navy, watching how we train to fight, via simulation, live fire, academically, and so many other ways. Scenarios are developed, we act out the scenario, we figure out what works and what we need to do differently.

Training to protect yourself should be no different.  You should consider scenarios in your home. If you carry, consider scenarios in your car, at public places you frequent, and then develop ways to practice those scenarios on the range.  In your home, take your safely unloaded weapon, and practice how you will get it from a safe or unlock it if required.  Practice from where you sleep, think about where your family sleeps.  How fast can you be ready to fire?

We count on the military to be there when the “boogie man” comes knocking on our door. I know our military, they are prepared, they will be prepared.  They train like they fight, and are willing to stand up and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Are you ready?  Are you ready to defend your home, your children?  Please take your gun to the range this weekend. Think about the craft of home defense, it is much more than just pulling the trigger, more than shooting at a target in pristine range conditions. This is war folks. No one breaks into your home at 2 am to bring you presents, not even Santa Claus. They will have the element of surprise on their side, but with planning and practice, you will have a surprise of your own waiting – deadly force.



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  1. Good points all Lady, and “Notso” is quite a character… They quote you used was ‘much’ more polite than the one I heard from him! 🙂 I’m off to the range tomorrow, spent the day shipping a little .22 Marlin out to a guy that wanted one for his grandson.

    1. Old NFO – Ha ha – I love his call sign! He definitely seems like the kind of guy that would have been entertaining to know as an LT, no doubt.

      As for the .22 – every grandson (and granddaughter) should have one, glad to see you spreading our kind of “goodwill” around!

      1. Well, I had a ‘spare’ and I’d rather see it put to use than just take up space in the safe. I’m taking a .22/45 and Model 39A out for Christmas shooting with my grandson, and I ‘may’ leave the 39A if he’s been good this year 🙂

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