Sarah Hepola wrote an article in The Dallas News about the day Mama Jeanie of Lipstick and Lead taught her how to shoot.

If you have ever been hesitant about training with a firearm, read Sarah’s article. Find someone you trust, someone knowledgable and patient, and try a day at the range. You just might like it!



3 Replies to “Learning to Shoot Like a Girl!”

  1. Just got back from the range after working with a friend’s wife who wants to get her carry permit. Spent Friday night doing drills and skills with an empty .45 and ammo safely locked away. Started her on a .22/45 she put about 100 rounds down range, then wanted to try other pistols. Grabbed a rental 9mm M&P, let her try that; then she wanted to try the .45 She actually shot it well, and put 50 rounds downrange with only one stovepipe (limp wristed it). And she cleared the malf on her own! She now wants her hubby to take her back Wed night, which is ladies night! AND she wants her on pistol too!

    1. This is exactly what I am talking about – what a perfect example! I can’t imagine any better way for her to start – thank you (on behalf of ladies everywhere) for taking the time to help her. Getting to shoot with someone like you is probably like getting a golf pro before you ever hit the course. Let us know when she gets her permit – we are cheering her on!

  2. I had NO choice… Hubby was not going to do it ­čÖé She’ll probably have her CCW within 3-4 months, getting her set up with an instructor who is available to work with her on CCW requirements, then have her take the two day certification.

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