Wow, today I found a new gun-blog, They posted a article titled, “What is “Cover” in your home. And will it Stop a rifle round? Lets find out.” He used an old abandoned home on his property and did various tests to see how a bullet or shrapnel penetrated various common appliances and other common “cover” in a home. Check it out – his findings are really interesting.



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  1. Dang it, I guess I’ll stop carrying that washing machine around for cover. I’ve done test like this with vehicles to show cops what parts of the patrol car they can really use for cover…in most newer cars, the engine block and tire rims are about the only thing that will work.

    1. IZ – With your background, I was interested in what you thought about this. On my H&H FB Page, there are a couple people who said they would only hide behind their gun (I understand their thinking.) I mean, as long as you have the opportunity to get them before they get you – awesome. Cops are more likely to get into a prolonged firefight that would require cover than a homeowner, but it still is something to think about. I was surprised that the refridgerator didn’t do more – I mean, some of that old food could have transformed into some monstrosity and devoured the lead. Ha Ha!

      1. shoot, move and communicate. Use cover when you have it. In several cases where I had to arrest armed bad guys, they told me two things after they gave up
        1.) “You looked like you wanted to kill me”
        2.) I couldn’t see where you were

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