Here in San Diego, a few weeks ago, a 20 year old college student was stopped by police as he came out of a CVS Pharmacy. The Police were doing an underage drinking sting operation, and David Robert Moore III walked out of the store carrying alcohol. The police followed him and watched him open the trunk of his car. The report on KFMB News 8 said that he had several “Military Grade weapons, including a modified sniper rifle” inside his trunk. Additionally, in the video, you will hear one someone from the San Diego Police Department say that David Moore had several “Assault” style rifles.

In the video, several random college students were also interviewed, and they all gave similar opinions about how horrified they were that this kid had guns in his trunk.

San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

The video reporter also said that a POSSIBLE explosive substance was found, it was tested, but no results have been released. The reporter took the video of the guns to a gun range and asked for details about the types of weapons. The person at the gun range said David Moore might get in trouble for the detachable magazine on one of the rifles (I assume he meant that it should have had a bullet button, but may not have) and that in California, you must be 21 to have a handgun.

Ok, what did this kid ACTUALLY do wrong:

1. He was found with a fake ID (normal college kid)

2. He bought alcohol with a fake ID (normal college kid)

3. He was in possession of a handgun under the age of 21 – if that is the state law, that one may be legitimate.

4. He possibly had an illegal detachable magazine.

Everything else in this news story and the video is a little scary. The police looked in his trunk, and found several weapons. Does one person need this many guns in his car? Maybe because he is a college kid, that was the safest place for them (as compared to a dorm room or house with several roommates.) Was it stupid for him to be traveling around in a state like California with so many guns in his car while also participating in risky behavior – like underage drinking? (And then possible DWI/DUI as well.) He is an young idiot, no doubt – hopefully he will grow and learn.

Look at the screenshot of the guns below – many of you know A LOT about guns, what types do you see?

The scariest thing in this video was how dramatic everyone was from the news reporters to SDPD Spokesperson, to the college students. The Police, I understand – they have to constantly worry about who is armed and why. The dramatic flair from the media only fans the flames for gun control advocates. I would love to hear David Moore’s side of the story. I am not saying I think he was doing the right thing, I am not saying he was using common sense, but in one instance a reporter said, if this had been found while Michelle Obama was in town, the Police reaction would have been more severe. They also mentioned the DC Sniper. It is as if this kid, misguided as he may be, was planning an assassination or planning on becoming a serial killer, just because he was storing his firearms in his trunk. I could be wrong, but the truth is likely a lot less sensational than NEWS 8 made it out to be. I have a rifle, a handgun, lots of ammo, and even a knife. If I took it all in one car – could this happen to me too?



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  1. The only thing I see is a bunch of MILSURP stuff, and maybe an AK/SKS clone in there. And yeah, he was probably ‘safer’ to have them in his car than in his housing. Stupid on the other behavior and now he’s going to pay the price (and probably end up with a felony). And he can wave bye-bye to all those guns forever!

  2. the bottom 3 appear to be russian surplus rifles. 1 Mosin Nagant m44 Carbine, 2 Mosin Nagant M91/30’s. All 3 bolt actions with 5 round capacity. No danger there unless one fell out of the trunk and bounced into a following car. Middle one appears to be an SKS, not sure about the black one above it that is taken apart, Next one up appears to be an AK variant, most likely .22 caliber, Can’t see the handguns clearly. And the top appears to be an old Double Barrel Shotgun. Far Left Top is a ‘spam can’ of Surplus Russian or Bulgarian ammunition, sealed, for the bottom 3 rifles.. these are a pain to open even if had the ‘can opener’, I do not see any ‘assault rifles’ just some old guns, sporting guns, and handguns.. last I checked a .22 was not an assault rifle (assuming the AK variant is indeed .22 caliber, but not being fully automatic it still would not be a true ‘assault rifle’, just a look alike), unless he threw the gun at someone, then that would make it an ‘assault weapon’.. such as anything else used to commit the act of ‘assaulting’ someone would be. (beware of those ‘assault’ rubber bands)

    Looks to me that this kid was hauling around his gun collection, probably to keep them ‘safe’ if he was indeed living in a dorm, pretty responsible if you look at it from that aspect, even if he did break the laws, wasn’t allowing others to have access to them easily.. some of those are capable of being ‘fun’ shooting range guns, no ‘assault’ rifles.. but as I said, my opinion, only people this kid would have put in danger based on the guns shown, would be cars following to close when one of them may have fallen out of the trunk.

    1. Asoran – thank you for all of this information! I have to say it is amazing that you, and some others (on the related FB page), are able to look at this tiny photo and figure all of this out. I am learning from ya’ll and hope to have this much info in my head someday!

      I agree with your final assessment, and I’ll keep my eyes out for any old guns falling out of trunks around here!

  3. Oh my… the drama. They really lower the bar for “reporting”. Yea the kid was stupid (we were all stupid at one point), but to make this into a news story (emphasis on story) is beyond the pale. He has a bunch of milsurp crap… hardly cause for the drama queen reaction with hazmat suits. Just a little good judgement would have told them that. The kid deserves the DWI, the guns should be given to his parents or trustee, and he should have a serious talking to by the judge… you know the whole scared straight thing.

    1. Michelle,

      Funny, but this story happened a few months ago – and there has not been a follow up news story (that I noticed) in San Diego news. Hmmmm… Guess it was just a misguided college kid, not a monster after all.

      Hope you have a great day!


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