For every gun that has been sold in the last month, I hope those same people are voting for gun rights in the election to ensure the 2nd Amendment continues to be the beacon of hope it has always been.

Four days to go until we know who will be the leader of the free world for the next four years.  Between the primary season and the general campaign, it seems our country has been in perpetual change since President Obama took office.  Funny, I don’t think that is what he meant by change when he ran in 2008.  Maybe he is waiting until after his “last election” to REALLY get things done around here.  To tell you the truth, THAT is exactly what I am afraid of.

On this page, I try to not delve too deep into politics, as I want all to feel welcome to come to my page.  One issue I will discuss is the 2nd Amendment and what the future holds, pending the results of the Presidential race.

During the Domestic Policy debate, President Obama did state he thought there was room for a ban on “Assault Rifles”.  We have discussed Assault Rifles on this blog before, and as is usually the case, there is no good resolution or 100% agreement on the definition of “Assault Rifle”.  Does he mean AK-47s?  Does he mean AR-15s?  If a ban is instituted on AK-47s only, that will become the new normal.  How long will it then be before Congress or the POTUS want to take the next step toward disarmament?  Perhaps it will be AR-15s and similar weapons.  Then will it become 20 round magazines?  10 round mags?  It is like the old adage about boiling a frog slowly in water.  He starts out cool, and if the heat is applied in a steady enough manner, he does not realize he has been cooked.  Gun freedoms could slowly be leached away in a very similar way.

As we get closer to the election, it seems there is a frenzy of gun sales.  Several news sites are reporting the phenomenon:

New England Cable News

Market Daily News 

Oregon Live

Troy Daily News

Yes, there is fear driving this.  Is it unfounded?  Only time will tell.   Much like the ant who prepares for the hard times, and then survives the hard winter, you do not want to find out you are the Grasshopper left out in the cold with no protection.



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