I just read this story about a man in line for fuel, tensions rose, and he pulled a gun.

When natural disasters occur, it brings out the best and worst in mankind. I would encourage each of you to make simple preparations to get through the future “storm”. If each American had enough food, water, and fuel to take care of their own family for even 14 days – it would get you through most disasters. It would give the government a chance to respond. FEMA, the Red Cross and other organizations do a fine job, but it will never be enough. It will never be fast enough. If you could take care of your family comfortably for 14 days, you could probably take care of another family for 7 days.



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  1. between police work at the CA Army National Guard, I’ve been to 4 floods, fires, a big earthquake, trained others for the Rodney King riots and wars….if you’re a citizen and the govt tells you to leave because a storm or whatever is coming…then LEAVE…go as far away as you can and stay gone until shit is fixed.

    1. You would know this better than I, but do most of the people stay because they are in denial, or is there some other reason? I agree with you completely that folks should leave when told! I have one CAT 3 Hurricane story that I regret very much, but thankfully had a good ending. In that one, the path of the hurricane changed course by about 100 miles in the last hours prior to land fall, and put me on the bad side of the storm. Still, I should have left either way (I had been in the cone of uncertainty, just the less likely section.) I have this conversation with people when discussing Katrina, and one argument always is that because it was such an economically depressed area, they had no money or transportation to get out. It seems many/most of the people in NY and NJ could have left. I think someone who is an adult, has lived in the area for decades may have a hard time believing the devastation is possible when it has never happened before.

  2. Things are pretty raw over on the East Coast, and I just heard that they’re having a noreaster today, just to make things a bit worse. As a Floridian, I feel for them because I know what hurricanes can do.

    People should leave as IZ Safe says, but living in Florida, I often wonder how, if a really horrible disaster was to take place if that would even be possible. I mean, the state only has so many northern routes and this area is packed! The gridlock might keep you where you don’t want to be.

    It’s best to prepare as you mentioned Liz. Too many people don’t and pay the price. I’m praying that things get better up there.

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