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My Big Horn Arms Tactical action arrived awhile back. I ordered it from Trigger Time Gun Club in Longmont, CO. They had great customer service. I had talked to AJ at Big Horn Arms, and he let me know Trigger Time had one on the shelf. (This fact ensured I had almost no delay for this part of my build.)

When I hold this action and run the bolt – it is solid. Clearly a fine piece of workmanship.

As for the rest of my rifle…. Still waiting on parts. I have talked to Kay at McMillian, she says it will be another four weeks until my stock is complete. My Kreiger barrel is not due to ship until December. I haven’t even ordered my bottom medal or trigger yet, I guess I will do that in the next couple weeks. (I understand there is no delay on those items.)

My new worry is that I plan on using 115 DTEC bullets in my 6XC round and apparently, 115 DTECs are out of stock everywhere. Once all my parts are in, I plan on taking them to Robert Gradous personally so I can meet him. If I have time – and depending on his schedule, I may even take his rifle building class. Anyway, I will not need the 115s anytime soon – but I am going to start buying them when I find them.




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