Shooting Suppressed


Today for the first time, I used a suppressor while shooting. Wow! You will notice I have no hearing protection on. This is an Accuracy International .260, a weapon I have used many times – but this was the most pleasurable!

The can we are using is an SAS Arbiter.

I put my order in for this same suppressor for the rifle I am building. After shooting with a suppressor today, I don’t think I can go back. If you had a choice, why would you? It reduces the recoil, removes any anticipation error linked to the sound, and allowed me to focus 100% on a smooth trigger pull while holding my target in the scope.



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5 thoughts on “Shooting Suppressed

    1. We had a great time! We were shooting the AI AE MK II .260 and a .223 Remington 5R. The rifle I am building is still about 9 months to a year from completion, so I take every chance I get to shoot my friend’s amazing rifles. I am taking the Remington back to San Diego just to get more range time with a rifle there before my rifle is ready.

      Today we were just shooting clay birds, just having fun.

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