Do you like to write? I would be happy to share and publish any good stories related to shooting here on my blog.

I would especially love to hear about:

1. Why you decided to learn to shoot
2. The first time you ever shot a gun (of any kind)
3. The time you took a friend/family member to the range for the first time
4. How becoming trained in firearm use has made you a better person in other areas of your life
5. Anything else you think would motivate the readers to learn to shoot, give them something to think about, or put a smile on their face.

Send your story with any photos you would like to highlight the story to my e-mail address:

I will let you know when I will publish it and you will be famous!  (I am also glad to let you remain anonymous if you like!)  I just think people would love to hear how and why others are shooting!

I look forward to reading your tales of fabulous firearms and lovely ladies!



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