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I need your opinion!  I am having a disagreement with my rifle mentor about something I actually know about – coordinating colors.  I have decided to get a McMillan Stock, likely the A3, but before I can order it, I need to choose the finish and colors for the stock.  Even if you do not know ANYTHING about a rifle, you can help me with this one.  McMillan uses a process where they take three colors of resin (in percentages specified by the customer) and swirl it.  The effect looks somewhat like a marble pattern, and is pretty.  They have 27 colors to choose from – so this is one area where you really get to make it “personal”.

The photo above is from the McMillan website with some examples of their most popular color combinations so you can get an idea of what the finished product looks like.  They make it very clear, no stock will look the same when it is finished, even if a customer orders two stocks, with the same percentages of the same colors, and the same person at McMillan makes them at the same time — they will look different (due to the swirling).

“Performance and accuracy of a high powered tactical rifle are the most important things, but a lady needs a stock that is beautiful as well as accurate!”

In the top picture you will see four color combinations.  One is the combination I want, and one is the combination my mentor thinks I should get.  The other two are just ideas.  I am not going to tell you which is which.  Please comment below and tell me which of the four combination colors is your favorite (and if you feel like it, tell me why – I would love to know!)

Performance and accuracy of a high powered tactical rifle are the most important things, but a lady needs a stock that is beautiful as well as accurate!



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  1. I walk into the clothing store, find my size, buy it and walk out in 10 minutes or less.
    but, I do understand. What are you going to wear when shooting the Mac? Navy Blue?

    If it was men, I’d get something in ACU.

    1. CI – I actually dislike shopping overall – especially malls, so I have learned to be fast too! This is a little different, because it is really expensive (not like a shirt I can give to Goodwill in a month if I don’t like it next week.) Also, since I do happen to be a girl, I do want it to be kinda pretty. (Although, I don’t think there is anything, even the color pink, that could make this rifle anything less than a masterpiece.) Ok, CI, how about this: I will get D. That is a little ACU, a little Navy Blue? It’s like the best of both worlds – AND a LONG way from pink!

  2. DirtCrashr – I like D too! I also like B, at least the way those colors look together. I do not think I am brave enough to get B though, only because if I am wrong about how I imagine it looking – it could be really wrong. I am going to order in a day or two – so, I need to make up my mind!

          1. Ok, talk about clever and witty, that is one of best (in a funny way) things you have said in a while!! I almost fell of my chair from giggling!

  3. Check out our web site You might find something you like better and we would love to customize your stock for you. Just thought we would give you some more options


    1. Gary,

      I checked out your website – you do beautiful work! I hope that people who see this comment know that not only do you do stocks, but a lot of other items as well. I loved the motorcycle helmets and the wine glasses too. I will keep you in mind – the rifle in this article is designed, but I have my eye on so many things and am interested in customizing the look of a couple pistols, etc.

      Thank you for visiting me here – hope you will again from time to time!

      Lil Chantilly

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