One year ago I started this blog, to find people like me, who want to talk to others and learn more about this sport we love.  I started it to discuss the 2nd Amendment and support our firearm freedoms. I started it partly to capture the new things I was learning and share them with other people who are trying to learn the same things too.  I started it to find others who are more experienced than I, who might teach me new things.  I have been truly blessed by the response.  I have “met” so many truly wonderful, kind, intelligent, and knowledgable people.  It has confirmed what I already knew to be true – that most, nearly all, of the owners of firearms in this country are good, responsible people.  We can never give up the fight to retain our freedoms, our rights.  I look forward to much more discussion with all of you.  I still have more to learn and want to have the chance to get to know all of my readers just a little more.  You all give me hope that this country will continue to be great!



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  1. Keep doing what you’re doing…..after this incident in CO, I need a site of sanctuary! Thanks for being here!

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